Just Order India

         Who we are 

Just Order India (JOI) is the most leading business supporting company in India focusing on
helping Small Scale Industries to identify their business in a most effective way and invest on
their initial needs to make them more profitable. JOI is on a mission to assist the small
businesses by replace the worlds annoying, interruptive marketing with inbound marketing that
customer love. We are here to make the things simple. JOI makes it easy for the average person and business to use your full potential market. We help solve your most demanding business
challenges with data.

        What we do 

Our package includes E-commerce web based software that helps you to start selling your
products at your own. Our services are based on post-payment method where all initial
products we provided will be free of cost. Any further charges for our services will be based on
the growth of your businesses. Our other services include websites, mobile applications, billing
softwares, billing machines and other necessary utilities for your business.

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