Who we are 

Hungzo has the nation’s most number of restaurants to choose from. Every store is included in
the app for you to choose the best. The customer service is 24*7 for users’ convenience. The
newest feature of Hungzo helps you find all the hot deals running in the restaurants nearby.
Some of the exclusive rewards and deals make Hungzo even more attractive to the users. The
app is built using the latest UX design trends to make easy for the customers.

          What we do  

Through Hungzo Backend service, vendors can fulfill orders, Analyze sales, inventory and know
what customers are buying regularly. Also we are the only delivery platform providing our
services with low service charges to vendors. We have equal importance to customers as well
as vendors. Hunzgo’s special features are our fastest delivery. Understanding that it is equally
important to train the vendors on digital skills such as handling the partner app, menu
digitization and pricing, Hungzo conducts virtual one-on-one training and takes them through
the process of accepting, preparing, and fulfilling orders on the platform without compromising
on consumer experience.

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