Solo Hanks

          Who we are

Founded in 2014, Solo Hanks is one of those brands that takes the essential wardrobe for all
modern men and gives it a bit of a spruce up, using more premium fabrics and paying closer
attention to cut and fit, to provide guys with a much more viable option when they’re shopping
for clothes. Solo Hank’s incredible collection of menswear basics are made to standards that
belie their price. Materials are sustainably sourced and everything is made to ethical standards,
making purchasing clothing a complete no-brainer. Also for men grooming, we have some
quality products to make the lifestyle more fashionable.

           What we do

In the apparel section, we are more focused on formals, semi-formals and casual categories
including shirts, blazers and suits. In the grooming section, we have perfumes and hair wax.
Solo Hanks strongly believes that to be a great brand it must also be a great company. This
belief is reflected in its continued pursuit to improve Corporate Responsibility performance and
to inspire employees around issues of ethics, social and environmental responsibility. Solo
Hanks recognizes that its responsibility does not end at the first tier supplier and franchisee
level of the supply chain.

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