Who we are

Yok Fly is an online store that delivers groceries and essentials to customers’ doorsteps with
utmost safety. In these challenging times of Covid-19, we provide a reliable way to purchase
groceries, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, fish and meats. The most attractive feature of Yok
Fly is our fast delivery. We deliver groceries super fast, in as short an order period as 30
minutes. Our exclusive offers, low prices, and hot delivery deals make us a very economic
grocery delivery platform.

         What we do 

For vendors, our service commissions are very less than any other delivery platform in the
nation. Our goal is to provide business to small scale businesses like provisional stores, grocery
shop or margin free markets etc. If they are running any of these, we will give them businesses.
All they have to do is register with us only. Is this simple?

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