Kerala Special

         Who we are 

Kerala Special is well known online store with southern special products. Kerala, the God’s Own
Country- as is fondly called, is special in more ways than one. This slender coastal strip leaves
an indelible mark in the hearts and minds of anyone who has ever set foot on this land. May be
one longs to come back and savour those things again, but caught in the bustle of life, most of
us miss the quintessential uniqueness that Kerala has to offer. It is our earnest endeavour at to bridge this gap and bring back the flavour of Kerala to your lives. Our patrons
can relish and cherish the ethereal offerings of Kerala from the comfort of their homes.

         What we do is promoted by a diverse and passionate group comprising artists, academics,
industry experts and professionals from different sectors. At, you could find
products like south Indian antique crafts, vide variety of brand’s ayurvedic products and
medicines, essential products for your day to day life, premium quality handloom materials,
handicrafts, Kerala spices and many more in a single space. This is the one place where one
could get this variety of products from single click. The products available in this platform have
been handpicked by our team based on very high quality parameters. The support you extend
by purchasing through this platform will directly impact the lives of artisans and weavers
behind these products.

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